Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Singapore Holiday

Liburan kenaikan semester ini, aku sekeluarga ama tetangga aku liburan ke Singapore!! SERU BANGET!!! CAPEK BANGET!! Hahaha,, We're in Hollywood Boulevard
We're in New York Street

With Pharaoh
Mb Alya and I in Far Far Away
Arya, mb Alya, and I with Betty Boop
Universal Studio
Arya and mb Alya on Vivo City! Sentosa Island!! Here we gooo! :)
Waiting for MRT to Harbour Front
Mama and Tante Laily shooping shoes! Let's we take a silly photo!!! :D

We're on Takashimaya!!!

Me, Arya, and Mb Alya on Riverside Point!:D We're exhausted!!
Here some photos in Reiverside Point, Clarke Quay. There are my mother, my brother, mb Alya, and tante Laily.

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